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Alexander Tkachev, Minister of Agriculture, and Arkady Dvorkovich, Deputy Prime Minister, were in the Lipetsk region today and visited one of the leading factories producing baby food and juices.

Surgical purity in the workshops, smart electronics. These are products for young people, so it is extremely important how these products are produced and from what ingredients. Every stage of production has dozens of examinations. The guests watched how the leading company in the baby food market, which produces more than a billion packages a year, is working.

Recently the company has opened its own dairy factory. 32 million euros were invested in recent years. The head of the Ministry of Agriculture spoke today about investments in the context of the state support of the agriculture in the Lipetsk region.

Alexander Tkachev, the Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation said: "You, more than any other region, are provided with state subsidies and different forms of support. The regional government is actively working with the Ministry of Agriculture, and with the economic bloc. This is a territory of successful growth and active development. Over the past 10 years, there have been dramatic changes: you have increased production volumes and product quality, you have got a huge range of assortment, the correct structure of the economy, and quite serious profitability of farms."

The head of the Ministry of Agriculture noted the role of not only major projects in the regional economy. He also emphasized the experience of integrating villagers into cooperative chains. As Tkachev said, "This is the future". The fact that the region is going through new economic impulses for the village was stressed by the head of the region.

Oleg Korolev, head of the administration of the Lipetsk region says: "Fortunately, the general trend in the development of the agro-industrial complex in our country today meets the challenges of the 21st century. And I am happy to note the fact that all this became possible thanks to a powerful, comprehensive program of support not only for the economic sector, but for the agro-industrial complex as a whole, a way of life, the system created by the President of Russia and the government of the Russian Federation".

The request for higher standards of product quality is also one of the challenges. The ability to confidently compete in this field the region proves with such enterprises having world technologies at each stage of ​​production.


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