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8 May 2020

An Extraordinary Ordinary Miracle is a book that will collect the stories written by the children fighting against serious diseases of the brain and spinal cord under the care of the Khabensky Foundation along with the stories by the professional writers. Ludmila Ulitskaya, Ludmila Petrushevskaya, Narine Abgarian, Marina Stepnova, Alexander Tsipkin, Alexander Malenkov and other authors as well as the boys and girls supported by the Foundation will narrate about miracles in modern everyday life and how not to miss them.

As a project partner, the FrutoNyanya brand prepares prizes for all the young writers and a special prize for the author of the best of children's story. The competition started on May 7 – the children assisted by the Foundation can write and send their stories to a professional jury by June 14. The book will be published in November 2020. In addition to a hard copy, an audiobook will be available with the introduction by Konstantin Khabensky, Project Artistic Director.

Konstantin Khabensky: “A miracle is something very personal, and the scale of miracles is very different between all of us. For someone it is to see Mount Fuji at dawn, and for the others it is to get home, to their bed, after months-long treatment. Many of our children and teenagers who are fighting against oncological diseases feel this world in a very unusual and delicate way.
I would like this knowledge to be available not only to us inside the Foundation, but also to everyone who decides to buy the book and support the guys. Better than anyone else, they can communicate the idea that joy and pleasure are all around us, in our daily live and the simplest things. I am confident that we will end up with a lightful book about life and the space that belongs to miracles.”

Alexander Prokopovich, Chief Editor at Astrel SPb, AST Publisher: “We live in the midst of miracles. Just we do not notice them. And writers are exactly those special people who are able to see them. This book is about the miracles found by the famous authors and children from the Foundation. As long as there are miracles in our life, our life is not in vain.”

Natalia Medunova, CEO at PROGRESS producing the FrutoNyanya brand: “We are extremely pleased to support the amazing initiative launched by the Konstantin Khabensky Foundation. This project will not only help children unlock their talents, but will also help all of us learn how to dream bigger and believe in miracles. For over 20 years, FrutoNyanya has been striving to help families and perfectly understands the values of happy parenting, which consists of the simplest things.”

Since April 2008, the Konstantin Khabensky Charitable Foundation has been putting greatest possible efforts to make sure that children with brain tumors are provided with all the necessary medical care on time and can return to a full-fledged life. 2,800 children have received assistance to date. The Foundation pays for the diagnosis and treatment of children, runs communication campaigns for parents, arranges courses and trainings to enhance competences of physicians, buys equipment for the specialized medical institutions in Russia and organizes rehabilitation programs.



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