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21 August 2020

The brand launches a multipack format for its most popular baby food products offering them as one unit at an attractive price. The new format is both a good deal for the family wallet and a more compact and convenient storage solution.

Following the global trends, FrutoNyanya regularly launches new products in different pack formats. This time the Company offers its customers a variety of new practical multipacks. With this pack size, the consumers will enjoy a more convenient storage solution and significant savings. There is also a special bonus for kids – some interesting challenges for the little clients in every pack.

The producer will sell multipacks will both the renown products and new SKUs giving children and parents a wide choice.

Those who like puree in pouch will have 4 options:

  • Apple, pear and peach (new flavor) puree in the fruit-shaped packs – 4 packs plus 2 for free.
  • The apple, banana, pear & biscuits flavour from the puree & biscuits range that the consumers like so much will be supplemented with a new product with oatmeal cookies – 3 packs plus 1 for free.
  • Fruit Salad – 3 packs plus 1 for free.
  • A collection of new products – puree with yoghurt, 3 packs plus 1 for free.

The multipacks with liquid cereals will have 3 packs of the bestselling milk & wheat cereals plus 1 pack of pumpkin cream soup for free.

Also, the brand offers 2 types of multipacks with juice – apple and apple & peach – 3 packs plus 1 for free.



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