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Four FrutoNyanya Products Awarded for Innovation

28 June 2019

FrutoNyanya, a Russian baby food brand, wins four Innovative Product 2019 awards. The manufacturer was awarded in Moscow on June 27 for the products that, despite of being new, have already gained affection of babies – 2-in-1 cookies, Fruit Octopuses, milk yoghurt cereals “I woke up” and Fruit Pieces.

Established in France 30 years ago, the Innovative Product of the Year international award was presented in Russia for the 6th time. This ceremony was a triumph of PROGRESS, the manufacturer of FrutoNyanya, since as many as 4 of its products were given honorable prizes. In the contest, the awards are given to the innovative products marked by an expert council and Russian consumers. The winning products of FrutoNyanya are milk yoghurt cereals “I woke up”, 2-in-1 cookies, Fruit Octopuses and Fruit Pieces.

“When developing new products, we understand that the products for babies should not only be healthy and tasty, but also promote their development. For example, by dividing our Fruit Octopuses into pieces or counting their legs, babies stimulate their fine motor skills, while the cookies with images of animals or of various geometric shapes along with packaging with special perforation turn the nutrition process into an entertaining and educative game. We are very pleased that our efforts were noticed specifically by the FrutoNyanya consumers as their opinion has a special value for us,” Anna Ivanova, Marketing Director at PROGRESS, commented. She also assured that the Company, one of the largest Russian baby food producers, will strive to continue to justify the trust of customers by offering new innovative products that will delight both babies and their parents with their ingredients and packaging.


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