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1 June 2018

The FrutoNyanya brand is one of the first Russian manufacturers of baby food to launch a line of organic fruit purees. This is a natural, high-quality baby puree, which includes only organic raw materials.

The new line includes mono-component fruit purees made of apples or pears in 80g glass jars, as well as purees made of apples, pears, bananas and mango in soft packaging of 90g. FrutoNyanya Organic stands out on the shop shelves thanks to its eye-catching craft design which is different from the general line of the brand colors.

As always, for the production of all fruit and vegetable purees FrutoNyanya uses only high-quality raw materials, grown without the use of pesticides and GMOs. “Before launching the premium product line Organic, we conducted a thorough research of the organic raw materials market. As a result, we selected suppliers who offer internationally certified raw materials”, commented Dmitri Makarkin, Director of the Department for Innovation and Change Management of PROGRESS, "Thus, the new Organic puree from FrutoNyanya is produced only from certified organic raw materials and complies with the state Standard of the Organic Food Production".

"Following global trends, the organic food market is beginning to form in Russia, too. While consumers are increasingly willing to opt for organic baby food, few manufacturers have organic products in their range. We are pleased to be one of the first producers offering organic fruit purees, called FrutoNyanya Organic, for our consumers," says Anna Ivanova, Marketing Director of PROGRESS.


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