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FrutoNyanya juice to Shazam baby life!

1 April 2019

The baby food brand FrutoNyanya and the popular app Shazam have launched a limited series of interactive packaging to be enjoyed by both parents and kids – the new design will immerse them into an exciting augmented reality.

FrutoNyanya not only offers to its young consumers some delicious and healthy new products, but also leverages all the modern opportunities of children’s development. So, with the new Shazam packs, moms can treat their children with tatsy juice and at the same time enjoy their time playing together. 12 months is the age when babies’ cognitive development begins – it is crucial for the kids to develop their fine motor skills, learn colours, shapes, names of objects, etc. From this age, the babies already know how to assemble and disassemble pyramids, open and close the lids of jars, build “towers” of cubes and much more. 

Thanks to the special Shazam tag on the pack of the FrutoNyanya juice, the parents have an alternative way to teach their children the names of objects and fruit, as well as shapes, colours and even counting in an accessible gamified way. All they need is just to scan and open the tag in the app. The tasks offered by the app will help enhance babies’ concentration. Having completed the game, mom and dad can make pictures of their baby in some funny fruit selfie-frames and share the photos online.


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