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FrutoNyanya Declares Cherry Season Open

24 April 2019

FrutoNyanya has launched two juicy summer season novelties – cherry & apple puree and juice are available in the stores since April 2019.

We always look forward to summer when we can enjoy juicy berries and fruit. This year, FrutoNyanya will delight the babies with ripe and sweet cherries added to its juice and puree. One of the favourite summer berries is now part of 2 popular products – puree in 90 g pouch and 0.2 l/0.5 l juice.

“What is extremely important is to please consumers with interesting novelties. That is why we remain committed to launching new products, unique flavours and combinations,” Elena Vasilieva, Marketing Manager at PROGRESS, comments.

Even the most fastidious little gourmets will like the juice and puree with the sweet and fragrant cherries inside.

“Cherries contain organic acids that have a positive effect on digestion of babies. With a combination of cherries and apples, you will not only pamper your baby, but also diversify his/her diet forming the right eating habits from an early age,” Tatiana Kovtun, PhD Medicine & Medical Advisor to PROGRESS, notes.

The bright summer design will make the new products stand out on the shelf.

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