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8 June 2020

FrutoNyanya is a pioneer among the Russian baby food brands who begins phasing out plastic straws in order to preserve the environment. Starting from June, its 0.5L packs of juice, mors and nectars will no longer have plastic straws.

By refusing the plastic straws, PROGRESS makes a crucial step towards a more environmentally friendly production. The decision was made taking into account the opinion of consumers who confirmed that a traditional cap would be enough. Using this pack format, parents prefer to pour the FrutoNyanya juice into a bottle or a glass keeping the rest in a fridge.

“Consumers are increasingly concerned about ecology and conscious consumption. Worried about the future of their children, moms and dads try to reduce the environmental damage by producing less garbage. Willing to make a difference, we decided that our juice containing products in 0.5L packs will no longer have plastic straws. We believe that this first step will improve the environmental situation,” Natalia Medunova, CEO of PROGRESS, commented on the decision.

While the plastic straws do not constitute the largest portion of the total volume of garbage, the damage they cause to nature is perceptible due to the complexity of their processing, according to the environmentalists.


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