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FrutoNyanya for Happy Baby Sleep

18 March 2019

FrutoNyanya, the Russian baby food market leader, has launched a project with the popular application Shazam making sure that, before going to bed, the babies not only enjoy the delicious night cereals but also listen to the fairy tales via augmented reality.

Reading the fairy tales or singing the lullabies is an essential part of preparing the babies for bed. FrutoNyanya and the Shazam app decided to help moms and dads in this process that sometimes is quite challenging. The FrutoNyanya liquid cereals in new interactive packs will be on sale starting from this month.

Having scanned a special pack tag with the Shazam app (available on the App Store and Google Play, the instructions are detailed on the back of the pack), the augmented reality will show the Little Owl suggesting that the parents and their baby should choose one of two fairytales, about the Little Owl or the Little Cow. The fairytale will be accompanied by a quiet lullaby, which will help babies fall asleep. Also, FrutoNyanya and Shazam created a special entertainment for the parents. Using the interactive packaging and the app, moms and dads can record and share in the social networks their own magic tale making it available not only to their baby but also their friends.

“Leadership in the baby food market means not only high-quality and delicious products, but also the latest trends in modern technology. For us, partnership with the popular Shazam mobile app is one of the ways to demonstrate that FrutoNyanya seeks to assist parents during the first years of their babies’ lives,” Anna Ivanova, Marketing Director at Progress (FrutoNyanya brand) comments.

Alexey Ovcharov, Marketing Products Development Director at Shazam: “The mission of Shazam is to help people interact with the world around them. We are consistently looking for innovative ways to make our users happy. We are confident that the project with FrutoNyanya, the largest baby food brand in Russia, will give us an opportunity to be helpful not only to the adults and older children, but also for the youngest residents of our country.”

The range of FrutoNyanya liquid night cereals in the Shazam packs will have 4 flavours – Rice, Wheat, 5 Grains and Buckwheat & Apple.


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