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FrutoNyanya Extends Baby Diet by Launching Natural Pâté for First Baby Sandwiches

26 April 2019

FrutoNyanya has launched the babies’ preferred flavoures in a new pouch resembling the natural fresh fruit! Starting from April 2019, the redesigned apple, pear and peach puree are on sale at the same price.

“The baby diet needs to be balanced and diversified at all stages. Having screened the baby food market, we did not find so many products that moms could give to babies as an introduction to a more adult diet. Quite often, such a transition starts with the products that are not intended for babies, for example, sausage. That is why we launch balanced baby pâté that extends the baby diet and shapes the correct eating habits. With these special baby products, the parents can feel confident about their babies’ health,” Maria Kadantseva, Marketing Manager at PROGRESS, commented.

The delicate texture and natural ingredients allow parents to feel comfortable when offering the new product to their babies as a supplement to their basic diet. The FrutoNyanya pâté is made of specially selected meat and liver, which makes the first baby sandwiches tasty and healthy.

The new product in an 80 g glass jar will have 2 popular flavours – beef and turkey.


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