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FrutoNyanya, Helping Happiness of Moms. And Dads

23 May 2019

FrutoNyanya releases a new TV commercial communicating happy conscious parenting.

The new copy highlights some touching and funny moments of parental happiness, which only moms and dads can experience and understand. FrutoNyanya shows parents the way they really are – absorbed by everyday routine, sometimes falling asleep from fatigue, but still able to laugh at their misses and enjoy the happy moments communicating with their children. A brand-new platform of FrutoNyanya appeals to some simple joys that every parent will understand – an empty plate left by a baby, playing together, baby bathing, a successful attempt to put a baby to sleep.

The idea of the new campaign is to support parents in their daily routine and inspire them to have a positive view of life, so they have as many happy moments communicating with their kids as possible. The FrutoNyanya brand takes over one of most important aspects – healthy and comprehensive nutrition of children, thereby giving parents more opportunities to spend time with their kids and enjoy every minute.

FrutoNyanya was at the origins of a new trend in Russian society – involvement and growing role of fathers in raising children. We support this concept in our slogan and each TV commercial showing that both parents play equal roles when it comes to upbringing and taking care of their kids. In our new video, we collected bright and emotional moments that every parent will easily recognize and looked at them with a smile,” Anna Ivanova, Marketing Director at PROGRESS, commented.

The new TV campaign is supported by a new brand slogan: “FrutoNyanya, helping happiness of moms. And dads.”

The commercial, which for the first time FrutoNyanya has in two 60-second versions, has been on air on federal TV channels since May 3, 2019.


Anna Ivanova, Marketing Director;
Elena Vasilieva, Marketing Manager.
Rodcher Creative
Director: Stephen Pipe
Slogan: More agency


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