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18 October 2018

The FrutoNyanya brand expands its range by launching a new category – delicious, delicate and nutritious cream soups with natural vegetables and cream for 6+ months babies.

The line consists of two flavours – pumpkin/potato/carrot and broccoli/cauliflower/carrot. The cream soups are made of 100% natural vegetables and cream making the parents feel completely confident that the product is safe and healthy.

“The experts recommend introducing soups into the babies’ diet at an early age in order to form the correct eating habits and make sure the babies consume as much vegetables as necessary every day. Cooking special baby soups at home is quite time-consuming, and moms can’t always trust the quality and safety of the vegetables they use. The FrutoNyanya specialists developed a natural well-balanced cream soup for 6+ months babies that does not require any further cooking. The tasty and healthy vegetables that we use undergo a careful selection and control, and the natural fresh cream is what contributes to a delicate texture and soft taste. The babies will enjoy their meal, and the moms will have more time to play and communicate with them,” Maria Kadantseva, Marketing Manager at PROGRESS, comments on the launch. 

The FrutoNyanya vegetable soups are already on sale in a 0.2 liter Tetra Pak carton with a convenient tear-off spout preserving all the healthy attributes.⁠


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