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4 October 2017

On September 25 and 26, an audit team of journalists and bloggers visited the orchards where apples for FrutoNyanya baby food are grown.

Participants were able to verify that the company is not only very particular in its choice of suppliers, but also gives preference to special varieties of apple trees, whose fruits are suitable for baby food. Apples are carefully chosen during the harvesting stage. The company’s own accredited testing centre checks the taste and the smell as well as the physical, chemical and microbiological quality of the apples.

FrutoNyanya products start on the road to their young consumers towards autumn, when ripe, mature apples are ready for harvesting. The first suitability test, checking the quality and safety of the fruit, starts here in the apple orchards near Lipetsk. The apples enter the plant only after this initial quality test.

The guests were able to admire the full quality control introduced to produce FrutoNyanya’s baby food. The choicest apples undergo 5 stages of cleaning. Only after that do they go to a facility which squeezes the juice, all the while preserving the pulp which contains all the necessary dietary fiber. The juice is heated for a short period of time and after that, now ready, it is poured into packaging made from composite materials.

The production process for juices and mashes is highly automated and organized to preserve all the health properties of the fruit and berries and to ensure the highest quality for our young consumers.

The apples meant for juices and purees are crushed and have their skin and seeds separated after cleaning. If the end product consists of puree made of several types of fruit or vegetables, the next stage consists of mixing the components and an obligatory quality control at the company’s laboratory.

The goal of the event was to show to the experts, to reporters and bloggers the whole process of FrutoNyanya’s juice production, from the orchard to packaging. Baby food is the first thing a child eats after his mother’s milk at a very tender age. The parents have the right to know how the company produces its juices and purees, which technologies it uses, and how it maintains the quality and safety of the product.


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