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Before Bed Cereals by FrutoNyanya Now in Bigger Packs

22 May 2019

FrutoNyanya, a Russian baby food brand, launches liquid milk cereals Pered Snom [Before Bed] in 0.5 liter, a bigger pack size that favours repeated consumption.

The Pered Snom 0.5L liquid milk cereals are already available in the stores in 3 flavours – milk, buckwheat & apple; milk, rice, apple & pear; milk, grains, strawberry & banana. Now the parents can choose a pack size that is the most convenient for them – traditional 0.2 l or new 0.5 l.

The ready-to-eat liquid cereals by FrutoNyanya are produced from milk and grains in a convenient packaging that does not require any special storage conditions. Various grains combined with the milk components provide for a longer saturation and have a positive effect on the sleep duration as the baby is not hungry and less likely to wake up at night. Another ingredient is inulin, a prebiotic improving digestion.

The liquid cereals are allowed for 6+ months old babies after consultation with a pediatrician.


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