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3 February 2020

PROGRESS manufacturing baby food under the FrutoNyanya and Malisham brand has launched a project Helping Children Together in coordination with the Gift of Life foundation.

Since December 2019, the packs of the FrutoNyanya baby food have been produced with the foundation’s logo Helping Children Together and a special QR code leading to a webpage with the project details. The proceeds from the sales are partly transferred to the Gift of Life foundation, which supports children with oncological and severe hematological diseases.

“What makes this project so special is that it involves not only the foundation and PROGRESS, but also our caring consumers. We create a bridge for moms and dads who seek to help those in need. Children's health is the crucial value. By joining our efforts, we can make a real difference,” Natalia Medunova, CEO of PROGRESS, commented.

One of the project streams is to raise funds to buy the reagents and equipment for the scientific laboratories where doctors can make an accurate diagnosis for children and thus prescribe a more effective therapy. Also, PROGRESS supplies tasty and healthy baby food to the hospitals, which are under the patronage of the foundation.

Chulpan Khamatova, actress and co-founder of Gift of Life: “Our foundation has a strong belief that charity should be part of our everyday life, when you don’t have to do something for a reason, but help without even noticing it. What could be easier than helping by buying baby juice or cereals? We truly appreciate that FrutoNyanya provides such an opportunity for thousands of moms and dads across the country who are willing to help children beat cancer."


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