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FrutoNyanya Milk Now Available in Moscow Dairy Kitchens

23 July 2019

Milk under the FrutoNyanya brand is available in all the points distributing baby dairy products in Moscow starting from July.

The products are meant for the pregnant and lactating women.

“Dry cereals, puree, juice and many other products by FrutoNyanya are widely represented in the dairy kitchens of the Moscow Region. What is truly important for us is to make sure every baby can consume high-quality and safe products from early childhood, so our Company leverages the state-of-the-art production technologies in line with the latest Russian and international food quality and safety standards,” Natalia Medunova, Chief Executive Officer of PROGRESS, commented.

The FrutoNyanya products by PROGRESS used to be supplied to the dairy kitchens of Moscow in 2014-17.


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