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12 October 2020

Starting from November, 500 Moscow families can participate in the online program Freedom. Responsibility. Income organized by the My Career employment center together with FrutoNyanya for the parents who want to start their own business and increase their income.

“For many families, this project will be a chance to change their live. The young parents will learn how to make money on their hobbies, talents and competences. Our experts will help them identify their strengths, determine their vocation and deal with the self-employment arrangements,” Irina Shvets, My Career Director, commented.

The joint program with FrutoNyanya will kick off on November 10. It will be 7 weeks of intensive training and practice under the guidance of highly qualified trainers and experts. During this time, the attendees will learn how to become self-employed, crystallize a business idea and recruit the first customers. Someone will prefer to leverage a ready-made concept, and someone will fulfill their dream by turning their hobby into a source of income. In addition, the program participants will learn to allocate their time to make sure they have enough time for both business and family.

“Developing their own business helps many families find financial stability, monetize their hobbies and feel pride with the results. We are happy to share these values and take over the mission to provide a healthy nutrition to babies in order to help parents free up time from the household chores. Those who make it to the end of the course and present a promising business plan will have an opportunity to execute it using the funds donated by FrutoNyanya,” Natalia Medunova, CEO of PROGRESS manufacturing the FrutoNyanya brand, emphasized.

What makes the Freedom. Responsibility. Income program unique is that it combines both theoretical and practical knowledge. All the participants can be advised on various matters – marketing, psychology, time management, promotion, economy and law. The students will find themselves in an environment of comprehensive support and mutual assistance among like-minded people and even partners.

The 3 best projects will receive the funds from FrutoNyanya to get implemented (300,000 or 200,000 or 100,000 rubles) and 5 projects will be funded for 20,000 rubles each. Also, all the participants will receive special gifts from the brand. But most importantly, the graduates will gain all the necessary knowledge to start their own business and increase the family income, will enjoy the first sales and find their first customers.

In order to participate in Freedom. Responsibility. Income you need to post a video by November 5 in one of the social networks (Instagram, VKontakte, Facebook) and explain why you want to participate in the project. The post should have the following hashtags: #FreedomResponsibilityIncome and #MyCareerwithFrutoNyanya. The video should be 30 to 60 seconds long. After that, you need to follow the link and fill out a template.

Today the city provides a comprehensive support to the low-income families. My Career implements a pilot project to raise the income of the low-income families with children. The center's specialists support people in finding a full-time, part-time or remote job. What is important is that even after finding a job, the parents will continue receiving the payments and child benefits. In addition, moms and dads will be advised on how to start their own business and formalize self-employment.


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