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New FrutoNyanya Biocurd – All Healthy Benefits of Fruit and No Added Sugar!

16 July 2020

PROGRESS*, the baby food market leader, has extended its product range launching a new sugar-free** fruit and plain FrutoNyanya curd for 6+ months old babies***.

There will be 4 flavours in the line – apple, mango, banana and plain (no fruit) – that will diversify the daily diet and introduce babies to the new tastes. As FrutoNyanya makes its products only of the natural fruit and berry puree, parents can be confident of their quality and safety.

More and more modern parents stick to the healthy eating agenda making sure their children consume the food products without added sugar or artificial sweeteners. FrutoNyanya follows the trend launching a new biocurd without added sugar.

The FrutoNyanya biocurd has a triple benefit – natural calcium from milk helps strengthen baby's bones and teeth and is important for heart and muscles; vitamin D3 enables better absorption of calcium; probiotic bifidobacteria (ВВ-12™****) have a positive effect on digestion and overall health of babies.

The brand will also keep the flavours that children already love, just redesigning its blue-coloured packaging into a calmer beige colour.

*According to the SCIF (Shopper-Centric Information Flow) Panel by ROMIR MONITORING STANDART (July 2019 – December 2019), PROGRESS has the biggest audience among the people who buy baby food living in the Russian cities with 10,000+ population. **contains natural sugars. ***for 6+ months old babies if medically required. Breast milk is the best nutrition for infants in the first year of their life. Please consult a specialist before introducing the follow-on products. Please read the information on the pack to learn more about the age restrictions ****BB-12™, CHR. HANSEN BB-12 is owned by Chr. Hansen (A/S)


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