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14 October 2019

Halloween, a holiday celebrated in many countries around the world, has been gaining popularity also in Russia. FrutoNyanya decided to support this tradition by launching a terribly joyful product for the most fearless babies – a limited series of pumpkin nectars with a festive design. With such a treat, the children's holiday will be even more interesting and tastier!

Halloween is just around the corner, which means that you can’t do without a pumpkin, the main symbol of this holiday. Bearing that in mind, FrutoNyanya launched pumpkin nectar with a festive design.

The unique packaging design was developed by PROGRESS, the manufacturer of FrutoNyanya, specially for the limited product line and features the traditional Halloween attributes – spider webs, bats and, naturally, pumpkins.

“We are confident that such a bright design with the festive visuals will not only make our products stand out on the shelves, but will also help both parents and kids enjoy a tasty and, which is especially important, healthy Halloween,” Elena Vasilieva, Marketing Manager at PROGRESS, commented.

The FrutoNyanya pumpkin nectar is a natural product that contains neither flavours nor colours. The limited line with the festive design is available in the stores in the 500 ml packs.


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