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Bedtime Ritual by FrutoNyanya – Cereals & Fairytales for Restful Sleep

21 May 2019

FrutoNyanya, a Russian baby food brand, suggests making fairytales and liquid cereals part of a bedtime ritual for a comfortable baby sleep.

On May 15, 2019, FrutoNyanya invited the journalists and the mom bloggers to Moscow to discuss the baby sleep problems. The invited experts included Elena Keshishyan, Doctor of Medical Science, Professor, Member of the American Academy of Developmental Medicine, Member of the European Association of Pediatricians, Head of the Baby Development Correction Center under the Clinical Pediatrics Institute, and Lyubov Tkacheva, PhD Psychology and Senior Lecturer of the Pedagogy & Pedagogical Psychology Department at the St Petersburg State University.

During the event, the attendees discussed what should be a daily schedule of babies and a daily bedtime ritual to make sure the babies have a calm and sound sleep. Sooner or later, every parent has to address the baby sleep challenge when their babies do not sleep enough/well or wake up too often. The experts agreed that the babies fall asleep better if they are put to bed at the same time every day repeating the routine actions. For example, eating liquid cereals and listening to bedtime stories.

“For children, especially babies, a balanced diet is one of the essentials of harmonious growth and development in general and a restful sleep in particular. A hungry baby will not fall asleep. The well-balanced liquid milk & grain cereals Pered Snom [Before Going to Bed] by FrutoNyanya is a product that is perfectly suited for the long-term saturation of 6+ months old babies. The grains contained in the Pered Snom cereals by FrutoNyanya provide for better saturation and inulin, a prebiotic, favours the babies’ digestion,” Professor Elena Keshishyan said at the meeting. “The follow-on products from the baby food manufacturers are not only convenient as they save the time and energy of young parents but are also expedient from the point of view of safety – the parents can be sure that those products are made of high-quality and specially selected raw materials and do not contain anything that might harm their baby,” she added.

The “therapeutic” bedtime stories are suggested to form a bedtime ritual along with the FrutoNyanya liquid milk cereals.

“These stories will help babies not only fall asleep fast but will also have a positive effect on their emerging perception of the world around them,” Lyubov Tkacheva, PhD Psychology, commented at the event.

She went on explaining that the bedtime stories should be centered on a fictional character, a little boy or a girl, who can be perceived as a role model: “These stories always describe some problems that the children have faced or will face in the future. All the stories need to have a good ending when all the characters are healthy and happy.”


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