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30 June 2020

The playlist includes not only children's songs, poems, fairy tales and lullabies, but also classical melodies and soundtracks from the popular cartoons for the youngest listeners.

Yandex.Music and FrutoNyanya have teamed up to help parents get a one-click access to the most popular songs for children. The special playlist will help parents both lull their babies at night and cheer them up in the morning. The project offers fairy tales for babies and preschool children, children's poems, toothbrushing songs, lively rhythms for a joyful workout, soundtracks from the popular cartoons and many other hands-on services for parents.

“All moms know that the specific rhythm of children's songs/fairy tales favours children’s harmonious development. With a combination of FrutoNyanya’s liquid cereals and fairy tales, the parents can be confident that their baby will feel comfortable when falling asleep and will wake up full of joy,” Anna Ivanova, Marketing Director at PROGRESS producing the FrutoNyanya baby food, comments.

It is not only the special melodies, but also FrutoNyanya’s drinkable cereals that will help babies have a quiet sleep. A pleasant atmosphere and delicious food are key to children's happiness. Parents can offer their children the Before Bedtime milk cereals containing the grains that provide a long-lasting satiety effect and ensure a quiet sleep for babies.

It is not only the pre-bedtime, but also the awakening what is important for children. Mom or dad can gently caress their baby’s head, quietly call his/her name or turn on a light melody. It’s easier for children to wake up in a good mood if they anticipate some positive emotions or something interesting. A nutritious breakfast or afternoon snack is important to make sure children are full of energy and ready for new discoveries. The I Woke Up yoghurt cereals rich in carbohydrates will be a good source of energy for an active day. The product includes fruit and berry puree, which will diversify the taste sensations and cultivate the right eating habits.

The Before Bedtime and I Woke Up liquid cereals contain inulin, a natural plant-based prebiotic supporting digestion.

Having FrutoNyanya’s drinkable cereals, pleasant music and parents around them, children will enjoy both a restful sleep and an active daytime.

The playlist is available in Yandex.Music.


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