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18 May 2018

The FrutoNyanya brand received a bronze “Effie Awards Russia” statue in the category "Goods and Services for Children". The award was given "for strengthening their leading positions despite poor conditions in the children's juice market" to the brand, for the video advert "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree." 

The FrutoNyanya brand had the challenging task of retaining and strengthening its positions and to stand out in the children's juice market. The video promotes the natural juices of FrutoNyanya, using the well-known saying that "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree". The video’s storyline shows how children from the earliest age tend to be like their parents and, at the same time, it establishes a clear connection between real apples and the natural juice of FrutoNyanya for the consumer.

"We wanted to tell parents that only real fruits are used for producing FrutoNyanya juice, the same fruits as we eat every day. We also wanted to creatively show naturalness in an original and memorable way. The plot of the video continues a touching family story about fathers and children, echoing past advertisement campaigns and is strongly connected with the brand. In the film, we made a clear parallel between FrutoNyanya juice and real apples through an innovative story about the similarity of the dad and the child," commented Anna Ivanova, the Marketing Director of PROGRESS.

The film has already become recognized among audiences. Earlier, it was repeatedly shown on central television channels.

Moreover, in support of the video, a creative campaign was developed on the Mom's School web portal, where parents could upload photos, showing how much they look like their babies. Each photo was framed in a colorful apple photo frame, to which a comment could be added.

Creative team


  • Anna Ivanova - Marketing director

  • Elena Vasilyeva - Marketing manager

  • Daria Bunareva - Brand manager


  • Daria Rodcher - Creative director

  • Alexandra Polyakova - Creative group head

  • Natalia Khlestakova - Senior art director

  • Polina Chernova – Copywriter


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