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28 December 2018

A dairy factory of FrutoNyanya opened on December 25, 2018 in KidZania, a gamified educational park for children in Moscow.

The red ribbon was cut by the little guests who later had a fascinating journey to the dairy factory where they could produce yoghurts and curds on their own.

The dairy factory in KidZania is a miniature copy of the PROGRESS factory in the Lipetsk Region where the children can see how bioyoghurts or curds are manufactured and produce something themselves.

“It was a long time ago when we first had the idea to show children how our products are made. In a gamified format, we demonstrate to our little consumers the production of their favourite FrutoNyanya curds and yoghurts. We also explain why the curds and yoghurts are so delicious and healthy,” Anna Ivanova, Marketing Director at PROGRESS, commented on the mini-factory opening.

In the FrutoNyanya dairy factory the younger generation learns about such processes as homogenization, pasteurization, fermentation and, even if they do not know such words, they can understand why the dairy products are so healthy. By simulating the production processes at a real plant, the children get to know that any food production, especially for babies, means, first of all, a strict technological process and, secondly, a teamwork that requires cooperation, diligence and compliance with the hygiene and safety rules.


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