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FrutoNyanya Gives Bright Fruit Shape to Its Apple, Pear and Peach

23 April 2019

FrutoNyanya has launched the babies’ preferred flavoures in a new pouch resembling the natural fresh fruit! Starting from April 2019, the redesigned apple, pear and peach puree are on sale at the same price.

The new pouch in the shape of whole real fruit will help babies learn the colours and names of fruit as well as add fun to the feeding process. The new design will facilitate the feeding both at and out of home. The babies can easily hold the pack themselves, and the new design will make this process much more entertaining.

“I am sure that both the parents and the babies will appreciate our novelty and will not only enjoy our healthy products, but also develop the babies’ intellectual capabilities – learning colours, shapes and fruit,” Maria Kadantseva, Marketing Manager at PROGRESS, commented.

The redesigned packaging keeps its patented toy cap. By putting the multicoloured caps together, the kids can create different figures and develop their fine motor skills.


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