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The 2019 Best Brands Awards Winners Share Their Secrets to Success

Following the 2019 Best Brands Awards, the top 5 brands operating in Russia have disclosed how they win against strong competitors, enable financial sustainability and build a positive emotional consumer perception.

Anna Ivanova, Marketing Director at PROGRESS:

“A modern brand should not remain static but evolve along with the surrounding world and keep up with the times. Our initial slogan “FrutoNyanya helping moms” was later changed.

Even before involvement of modern fathers into the process of raising children became obvious, we had started building our positioning around helping not only moms but also dads. Without false modesty, we say that we not only anticipated this trend but, to some extent, shaped it. The emphasized role of fathers in raising children is the hallmark of our brand.

FrutoNyanya covers the basic nutritional needs of babies having one of the widest product lines across all food categories, except breastmilk substitutes.

We are committed to help parents develop and educate their children using the latest interactive technologies. Recently, we launched a project with the popular Shazam application where the parents can download and listen to fairy tales or collect “interactive” crops.”


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