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Quiet Baby Sleep — How to Make Dream Come True

Many parents wonder how much sleep is enough for babies and how to make sure they sleep at least a little longer at night? Here is Alexey Krapivkin, PhD Medical Science, talking about the baby sleep challenges.

A feeling of satiety can be prolonged during the night’s sleep with various follow-on products introduced into the baby diet. The general recommendation is to start the follow-on not earlier than at 4 months, but not later than at 6 months, the moment when babies are best ready for a new food experience. One of the options parents may try are the liquid night cereals containing the grains that provide a long-lasting satiety effect. Such products are available in the FrutoNyanya brand portfolio. Apart from the grains, the liquid cereals Before Bedtime contain inulin, a natural plant-based prebiotic that contributes to comfortable digestion.


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