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20 August 2021

FrutoNyanya rejects plastic caps for its Immuno Baby fermented milk products. The upgraded bottles will be on the store shelves this August. With this initiative, the producer will reduce its annual plastic waste by up to 7 tons.

A consistently declining consumption of plastic is part of the Sustainability Strategy executed by PROGRESS producing the FrutoNyanya brand. The Company recently announced it was abandoning pink bottles for water in favour of transparent plastic. Now the brand launches a redesigned bottle for Immuno Baby with no plastic cap. Having implemented this minor change, the manufacturer will generate almost 7 tons less plastic waste every year. The product safety and tightness will be ensured by a foil lid.

“Taking care of the environment is something that today’s parents are increasingly thinking about when choosing the products and brands they want to trust. Our mission is to do our best to reduce our ecological footprint and contribute to conservation of nature for our children and future generations. With such initiatives in place, we are consistently getting closer to our target,” Anna Ivanova, Marketing Director at PROGRESS, commented.


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