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17 February 2021

Would you like to get to know Mickey Mouse better? FrutoKids launches a new range of fruit puree with Mickey Mouse and his friends on the pack specially for the grown-up kids.

The little foodies will definitely enjoy the 100% natural FrutoKids puree. Parents will also be happy as the new puree is not only absolutely natural, but contains no added sugar. To make snacking even more exciting, each puree has not only an individual flavour, but also an individual pack colour making it easier to find the product in the stores:

  • Red Mix – apple, sweet cherry, raspberry & red currant;
  • Green Mix – apple, pear, grapes & kiwi;
  • Yellow Mix – apple, banana, apricot, mango & passion fruit;
  • Orange Mix – apple, peach, carrot & orange

Beloved by many, Mickey Mouse never sits still and loves to travel. His faithful friends – Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Goofy and Donald Duck – are always with him ready to help him out wherever he goes. Just like the FrutoKids puree in a convenient pouch that you can always take with you to quickly refresh yourself at any time and move on to the new wins.

The adventures never end with Mickey! Specially for curious children, FrutoKids prepared an engaging webpage with the Disney-style entertainment. The popular characters will captivate children with various insightful games, colourful animation and interesting challenges. Mickey Mouse and his friends will accompany their guests and will help them cope with any task if something goes wrong. Immersing into the wonderful world of Disney is so joyful and easy when your best friends are with you. 

Disney © Disney, Mickey Mouse © Disney, Minnie Mouse © Disney, Pluto © Disney, Goofy © Disney, Donald Duck © Disney. Disney.

Please read the information on the pack to learn more about the age restrictions related to consumption of the FrutoKids products. Please consult a specialist. FrutoKids.


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