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24 December 2020

My Career Center hosted a solemn online ceremony to announce the winners of the Freedom. Responsibility. Income program, which was implemented in partnership with the FrutoNyanya baby food brand. With this course, hundreds of the Moscow families started their own businesses and increased their income. The projects presented to the jury included production of clothes for children and adults, home textiles, accessories and bijouterie, fruit bouquets, various services and dozens of other business ideas.

“Today many moms with children are willing to unlock their entrepreneurial potential turning their favorite job into a business and making money. We are glad that many people took advantage of this unique opportunity getting well-trained and hugely motivated. The key thing is that now they believe in themselves and are ready to make a difference and inspire other moms with their example,” Irina Shvets, Director of My Career Center, commented.

The online program started 45 days ago giving 500 participants a chance to learn not only the business essentials, but also to train their soft skills and personal competences, which are needed today more than ever before.

The unique course covered a variety of areas – marketing, psychology, economics, time management, law, etc. The participants focused on their expectations choosing a business that ensures not only self-realization, but also a stable income. In the trainings, the professional experts/coaches explained how to develop an idea into a full-scale business creating financial plans and business models, identifying a target audience, packing, advertising, selling and promoting the products. A big block was devoted to self-development when the attendees could see their inner psychological restrictions and learn how to allocate their resources and capabilities in order to comfortably combine family care and business.

Being part of such an incredibly eventful program, everyone immersed into the atmosphere of business creativity. The students mastered 15 topics going through 700+ individual and group consultations with the professional experts. With such an intensive agenda, everyone received as many insights and practice as possible. Interestingly, the first participants launched their sales already in the 2nd week of the course bringing the total number of sale transactions to 80 in just 45 days. Most participants registered as self-employed or individual entrepreneurs.

A great value of Freedom. Responsibility. Income was the huge support coming not only from the coaches, but also from the fellow students via the messengers. Everyone could ask a question and get a competent answer from a specialist in order to develop their business idea. According to the participants, this comprehensive motivating support made them feel confident about their abilities and inspired them to move forward.

The new Freedom. Responsibility. Income course was implemented together with FrutoNyanya, a renowned baby food brand, becoming a vivid example of efficient partnership between the Government and the socially responsible business.

“For over 30 years, our Company has been producing high-quality and safe baby food. Our products help moms and dads save time on cooking – having freed up the most valuable resource, parents can use it not only on communicating with their children, but also on implementing their own ideas. We are very pleased that our initiative with My Career has helped hundreds of families gain the specific knowledge and start their own business,” Alexandra Shablovskaya, PR Director at PROGRESS, commented.

Following the training and practical courses, the participants created and submitted their business projects. 70 people made it to the final demonstrating and presenting their ideas. The expert jury selected 8 most promising projects and announced the winners who would receive the financial support from FrutoNyanya to implement and develop their ideas.

Olga Anokhina and her production of designer clothes for children under her own brand Olly Molly will receive 300,000 rubles.

“I am so happy to have learned about this project. It was a real challenge as I initially set the bar very high. I was fighting for my dreams and am glad that such highly calibrated professionals saw their value. This recognition is worth a lot! It is a green light for my ambitions. Incredible support! I would like to thank everyone for their help. I promise I will live up to your trust. Thank you for believing in me!" Olga said.

Elena Shavrova, who will receive 200,000 rubles, presented an Earth Bio technology producing a natural bioregulator and organic fertilizers. She joined the project having only a business idea and no clue about entrepreneurship and how to start her own business: “I didn't even have a social media account when I came here. The experts made me believe in myself. I saw a sincere feedback to what I was doing. With the help of the coaches, my idea turned into a real business project with the financial and economic models. Finally all the things came together into one puzzle. I am so happy and overwhelmed with emotions!”

Tatiana Soldatova manufacturing the CosmoLight glow-in-the-dark products for children will receive 100,000 rubles. She emphasized the importance of Freedom. Responsibility. Income for families and especially for women: “I am very glad to be part of such a unique project. It is a real chance to turn an idea into a real business and to start making money, which is especially important for the women with little children who have to both work and perform their maternal responsibilities. I enjoyed the amazing atmosphere of support and community of like-minded people. I believe there should be as many such programs as possible, and not only in Moscow.”

Apart from the 3 winners, 5 finalists will receive 20,000 rubles for their projects: Ekaterina Arkhipova (Nicole Babybutik, home textile for children & newborns), Maria Mikhailova (Beija-flor floristry studio), Ludmila Derbenko (Graphicus, online school of digital drawing & architectural graphics), Asia Babina (4 very busy, designer diaries for ladies), Ulyana Sokolova (House of Mullimama Dolls, textile dolls). All the finalists also received the gifts from FrutoNyanya.

Though the online course is over, the experts will be tracking the progress of the winners and review their performance in 6 months.

The program is part of an extensive support that Moscow City provides to the families with children. The specialists of My Career help parents with employment. In addition, everyone can attend the Center's online webinars and trainings and enhance their skills. Those who dream about their own business can also contact My Career to learn the business basics, choose a professional direction and register their organization.


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