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29 April 2021

The ASD¹ – Nutrition & Metabolism online symposium will be part of an international scientific and practical conference on autism on May 3. The themed block on child nutrition will be traditionally supported by PROGRESS producing the FrutoNyanya brand.

Autism. Challenges & Solutions is an annual international conference that brings together parents, experts, doctors and scientists. One of the key issues that will be allocated into in a separate discussion block is nutrition for children with autism spectrum disorder.

“It is not the first year that we have partnered to the Autism. Challenges & Solutions conference supporting families that live with this diagnosis. Such major events bring us closer to the understanding of autism, help improve quality of life of children with autism spectrum disorder and contribute to a more inclusive society,” Natalia Medunova, CEO of PROGRESS, commented.

How to create a balanced diet and meal plan for your child? This and many other questions will be touched upon by Ekaterina Pirieva, PhD Medicine and Head of Age Nutrition Laboratory under the National Research Center for Nutrition & Biotechnology.

“One of the challenges faced by children with ASD is their specific eating behavior and, as a consequence, a high frequency of nutritional deficiencies. An efficient way to prevent and correct the nutritional disorders is to consume specialized baby food products. Along with the optimal nutritional value, one of their benefits is that they contain no artificial flavours, preservatives and other additives. The products manufactured by PROGRESS under the FrutoNyanya brand meet all these requirements. These products are also highly functional and convenient,” Ekaterina Pirieva mentioned.

Specific sensory perception of the surrounding world may indicate autism spectrum disorder. However, perception of smells, shape and colour plays the critical role in shaping the food interests of children. In his presentation, Alexey Krapivkin, Doctor of Medical Science, will talk about how developmental stimulation and games can help children with autism spectrum disorder strengthen their perception channels and sensations, thereby establishing a better contact with the outside world.

The Autism. Challenges & Solutions annual conference will be arranged as an online marathon from April 21 to May 23, 2021. The presentations and lectures will be broadcast live, so the participants can ask questions, create discussion communities and watch the records via their personal accounts.

¹ASD stands for autism spectrum disorder.


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