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  • FrutoNyanya, the Best Russian Food Brand

    FrutoNyanya has won the independent international Best Brands marketing award as The Best Russian Food Brand on April 9 in Moscow reconfirming its leadership positions on the baby food market as well as positive consumer perception.

  • FrutoNyanya juice to Shazam baby life!

    The baby food brand FrutoNyanya and the popular app Shazam have launched a limited series of
    interactive packaging to be enjoyed by both parents and kids – the new design will immerse them into
    an exciting augmented reality.

  • FrutoNyanya for Happy Baby Sleep

    FrutoNyanya, the Russian baby food market leader, has launched a project with the popular application Shazam making sure that, before going to bed, the babies not only enjoy the delicious night cereals but also listen to the fairy tales via augmented reality.



JSC PROGRESS is a Russian manufacturing company and a national baby food leader. We produce the FrutoNyanya and Malysham baby food, and Lipesky Buvet mineral water.

JSC PROGRESS is a high-tech factory in the Lipetsk Region with a production capacity of over 1,400,000,000 packages a year and 19 sales centers in Russia and the CIS countries. The company producers more than 250 types of goods under the FrutoNyanya brand.


JSC PROGRESS’s mission is to encourage
good health from childhood!

  • Innovations

    JSC PROGRESS is constantly improving its production technologies and widening its range of goods. Our products are made from natural ingredients and we work to bring all their healthy properties to our customers. We improve both our recipes and our packaging to achieve this. We want everyone to be able to find something suitable among our products and so we constantly develop new flavors and widen our product range towards this end.

  • Trust

    Millions of mums and dads trust us with their children’s nourishment.  Each one of our employees realizes the importance of this, because a healthy diet in childhood helps ensure health for life. We are proud of the quality of our products and strive to justify the confidence of parents throughout the country.

  • Expertise

    Our company is an expert in baby food production. Our employees are highly qualified specialists and professionals who constantly improve their skills and use the latest technologies to make the best possible products for our customers.

  • Team

    Each employee is not only a specialist in their own area of expertise, but also part of a large close-knit team, every  member of which understands the importance of what we do and has mutual respect for colleagues and a willingness to cooperate with others. It is only through cooperation and the hard work of each member of our team that the company holds its leading market position.


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