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Bars and Rice Cakes by FrutoNyanya for Hearty Snacking

11 August 2020

Going for a walk or to the countryside, moms should always be ready that their child may get tired, bored or hungry. Therefore, they need a handy snack that will not only satisfy the kid’s hunger but will also be healthy and tasty. Here comes FrutoNyanya with its new products for 12+ months old children.

The brand portfolio has been supplemented with 2 new products – grain & fruit bars and mini rice cakes. These products are perfect for snacking, including outside – parents can carry them when going to a park, to the countryside or travelling. The mini rice cakes by FrutoNyanya are made especially for the little kids. The new products contain only natural ingredients, no added sugar, colours or flavours. Also, they help toddlers develop their chewing skills.

The bars are available in 3 flavours – apple, banana & pear, apple, peach & raspberry and apple, banana & strawberry. The combination of fruit and grains will easily satisfy the little fidget's hunger.

The mini rice cakes are also available in 3 popular flavours – the children can enjoy a mono flavour (apple) or such mixes as apple & peach and apple, strawberry & banana. The rice cakes of different shapes – a diamond, a star or a circle – will develop children’s imagination and turn their mealtime into a joyful experience.


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