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16 June 2020

In June 2020, FrutoNyanya launched baby biocurd in a new convenient pouch packaging, which many parents know from fruit puree.

Every mom knows how important curd is for children. Striving to make consumption easier and more convenient, FrutoNyanya launched biocurd in pouch. Feeding is even easier now.

The FrutoNyanya biocurd in pouch is an innovation in the brand's dairy range. The new product unlocks numerous opportunities for both children and their parents. Children can eat it on their own, without a spoon, while not getting dirty. And most importantly, parents can take it with them anywhere they go. Now they do not have to interrupt their outside leisure, but have a breakfast or snacking during a picnic.

The FrutoNyanya biocurd needs refrigeration. The recommended intake for 9-12 months old babies is 50 grams per day. Vitamin D3, which is also an ingredient of the FrutoNyanya biocurd, will enable better absorption of calcium from milk helping strengthen baby's bones and teeth. Also, the product contains bifidobacteria (BB-12TM)*, a probiotic for better digestion, to make sure baby grows strong and healthy.

The new product will be available in 4 flavours. The kids can make their choice from such fruit options as apple, banana & strawberry or pear, banana & apple, a berry mix of strawberry, blackberry & blueberry or an exotic set of mango & banana.

*BB-12™, CHR. HANSEN BB-12 is owned by Chr. Hansen (A/S)


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