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FrutoNyanya Baby Water Earns Top Scores from Roskachestvo

25 September 2019

The FrutoNyanya water produced by PROGRESS has earned the highest score in the research of bottled baby water conducted by Roskachestvo [Russian Quality System]. The results published on September 24 prove that the brand gained 5 (out of 5) points, which confirms that the FrutoNyanya water meets both the mandatory standards and the advanced requirements of Roskachestvo.

Water was checked by 109 attributes, mostly related to safety. The experts paid particular attention to the microbiological indicators. The research also covered quality of water (including organoleptic properties) and reliability of information on the labels (salt, micro/macroelements).

The organization refuted the popular belief that the word “baby” on the label is nothing more than a marketing trick. “One look into the normative documents is enough to understand that the requirements for baby water are much tougher. Naturally, this water, like any other drinking water, must be safe by epidemiological and radiation attributes, have a harmless chemical composition and healthy organoleptic (aesthetic) properties – smell, taste, colour. But, apart from that, bottled baby water is also subject to other requirements,” Roskachestvo commented.

“We are pleased that the Roskachestvo research is another confirmation of the fact that the FrutoNyanya water is in full compliance with all the safety requirements for baby water and satisfies the physiological needs of babies containing the biologically essential macro/microelements. This is enabled by the strict control that we apply across all production stages, from the well located in a special sanitary zone in our factory in Lipetsk to the final bottle. Produced since 2006, the FrutoNyanya water has raised many children. Through all these years, our top priority is high quality and safety of our baby food products,” Olga Krasnikova, Quality Assurance Director at PROGRESS, noted.


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