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27 June 2018

FrutoNyanya launched an innovative product in the Russian baby food market, a natural healthy treat for children called "Fruit Pieces."

"Fruit Pieces" contains only natural fruit puree, juice, pectin and dietary fibers. It contains no added sugar, preservatives, dyes or flavors. The technology behind the production of "Fruit Pieces" from FrutoNyanya is straightforward and clear, consisting of just 6 simple steps. First, fruit puree and juice from natural fruits and berries are made, and then moisture is removed using a special technology. The resulting soft flat layers are then carefully dried and cut into pieces, which are then covered with fruit crumbs.

The product line offers four flavors: "Apple", "Apple and Peach", "Apple and Raspberry" and "Apple, Strawberry and Banana".

"Starting from year most moms gradually start introducing sweets into the diet of their kids, but often these sweets contain too much of sugar and are completely unhealthy. Being one of the largest producers in the Russian baby food market and caring for the health of our young consumers, we decided to launch an innovative product made only from natural fruits. For the first time in the Russian baby food market there will be a completely natural and healthy treat for babies that will no longer force moms to choose between healthy and tasty. "Fruit Pieces" from FrutoNyanya is a natural, healthy and delicious treat, exactly as sweets for babies should be," comments Anna Ivanova, the marketing director at PROGRESS, upon the product’s launch.

"Fruit Pieces" from FrutoNyanya are presented in two packaging formats: large - 56 gr. - 10 pieces of candy and small - 15 g., convenient to take with for snacks.


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