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18 June 2020

Six months ago, PROGRESS, a company producing baby food under the FrutoNyanya brand, began raising funds to help the Gift of Life foundation enable proper diagnostics for the children with leukemia. Thanks to the support of its consumers, the manufacturer transferred 9 million rubles to the Foundation helping conduct 2,655 tests. Now the partners go ahead with a new campaign – Nannies in Hospitals.

Since last December, the packs of the FrutoNyanya baby food have been produced with the logo of the Gift of Life foundation. All the packs reading Helping Children Together had a special QR code leading to a webpage with the project details and the stories of the children who received the assistance they vitally needed.

“It is great that so many people consciously choose our products in the packs with the Foundation’s logo. The 6-month results of this campaign are the achievement that we share with our customers. Together we help make high-tech aid available to children,” Natalia Medunova, CEO of PROGRESS, commented.

Every year in Russia, about 1,000 children from 0 to 18 years old get leukemia. 80% of patients fully recover – the percentage depends on the type of disease. A tailored approach to the therapy significantly boosts the efficiency of treatment. What is crucial is that the molecular profile of the disease is determined accurately and on time in the special laboratories. However, such capabilities are only available in the large national medical centers. Thanks to the Foundation and its project Remote Molecular Diagnostics, this option is now available to the children undergoing treatment in the regional hospitals. 2,655 tests were conducted as part of the Remote Molecular Diagnostics program, which allowed to make accurate diagnoses for hundreds of children and, therefore, make the right decisions for further treatment.

“The molecular diagnostics program makes it possible for a huge number of affected children and their doctors to get an accurate diagnosis and the appropriate treatment program. Also, it is a major scientific exercise introducing more advanced and effective methods of therapy and thus increasing the survival rate for the patients with severe oncological diseases,” Ekaterina Shergova, Director of the Gift of Life foundation, noted.

FrutoNyanya continues helping those who are supported by the Gift of Life foundation as well as the parents of children with oncological diseases who have to spend a lot of time in the hospitals. It is not always that the parents can be near their children. Nannies in Hospitals, a new program supported by FrutoNyanya, is to provide round-the-clock care of professional and caring nannies.

Also, PROGRESS supplies baby food to the Dmitry Rogachev Medical Center. Over 63,000 of tasty and healthy products – cereals, puree, juice, kisel, mors, milk cocktails and snacks – help maintain proper nutrition, health and mood of children.


PROGRESS is a major baby food manufacturer in Russia producing 3 recognizable brands – FrutoNyanya, FrutoNyanya Malisham and Lipetsky Buvet. FrutoNyanya is one of the brands with the highest awareness in the Russian baby food segment. The product line includes 250+ SKUs – juice, nectar, direct squeeze juice, mors, kissel, desserts, fruit puree, puree & cream, puree & curd, fruit & vegetable puree, vegetable puree, meat puree, various cereals (instant, ready-to-eat and liquid), baby water, milk, dairy products, milkshakes, drinkable yoghurts and curds as well as a new line of ORGANIC fruit puree

The Gift of Life foundation was established on November 26, 2006 by the actresses Dina Korzun and Chulpan Khamatova.
Their mission is to make sure that every child or young adult with oncological and hematological diseases can get the most effective and advanced medical care and non-medical support. All the programs implemented by the Foundation are aimed primarily at protecting the interests of children and their right to a timely and high-quality medical care.
Gift of Life supports 1,000+ children in 10 clinics based in Moscow and the Moscow Region as well as the children in over 30 regional clinics.
By 2020, Gift of Life has helped more than 57,000 children and young adults.


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