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18 May 2020

FrutoNyanya launches Immuno Baby, a fermented milk drink to maintain the body's defenses of 8+ months old babies.

“Growing up, babies begin to learn new things and have more active contacts with the outside world. Such discoveries require a strong immunity so that active socialization does not turn into frequent and long-term illnesses. Especially for babies, we developed Immuno Baby, a drink that helps support their body’s defenses,” Anna Ivanova, Marketing Director at PROGRESS manufacturing the FrutoNyanya brand, comments.

The new fermented milk product Immuno Baby by FrutoNyanya is made of natural milk fermented with acidophilus bacteria, enriched with healthy probiotic bifidobacteria (ВВ-12ТМ*), prebiotic (inulin) and Immuno Baby vitamin & mineral complex**, which includes zinc (Zn) and D3 vitamin. The combination of probiotics and inulin will support the intestinal microflora as well as the digestive and immune systems. Zinc (Zn) and D3 vitamin that are part of the new product by FrutoNyanya and are crucial to proper metabolism and immune system will help maintain babies’ body’s defenses.

Immuno Baby will introduce babies to the new tastes or diversify their daily diet if the fermented milk products have already been part of it. The product can be consumed daily.

The new Immuno Baby line will have 3 flavours:

1) Apple & Pear Mix made of babies’ favorite fruit;
2) Berry Cocktail with blueberry, strawberry and blackberry to enjoy the taste of summer;
3) Combination of strawberry and banana to please the young foodies.

While babies will like Immuno Baby by FrutoNyanya for its delicate milk texture, natural fruit and berries, moms and dads will appreciate its natural ingredients.

* BB-12™, CHR. HANSEN BB-12® by Chr. Hansen (A/S)
** Immuno Baby vitamin & mineral premix (mineral substance (zinc), D3 vitamin)


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