In 1987, a protocol concerning the intention to build a factory was signed between the State Agrarian Committee of the RSFSR, the Swedish concern Tetra Pak and the Brazilian companies Sukositriko Kutral SA and Sietrosuko Paulista SA. It was here that the history of our company began. 

In 1988, a joint venture, PROGRESS, was established, after which the company was engaged in the production of fruit and vegetable products.

In 1989, the first stone of the factory in Lipetsk was laid.

In 1990, the official opening of the joint Soviet-Swedish-Brazilian enterprise PROGRESS took place. The factory started producing juices in the Tetra Pak package.

In 1993, we began to produce juices and nectars for children under the brand name "Malysham.”

In 2000, we began to produce products under the new brand "FrutoNyanya".

In 2005, "PROGRESS" started the production of mineral water called "Lipetsky Buvet". Also this year a meat puree under the brand "FrutoNyanya" appeared in our product line. 

In 2006, the production of children's water "FrutoNyanya" began.

In 2008, we started the production of liquid cereals "FrutoNyanya."

In 2009, desserts "FrutoNyanya" were introduced.

In 2011, we began to produce mors "FrutoNyanya"

In 2012, under the brand "FrutoNyanya" we started the production of jelly and compotes.

In 2013, the production of dairy products started under the brand "FrutoNyanya", as well as fruit purees in the packaging of Gualapack.

In 2014, OJSC PROGRESS won an open competition sponsored by Moscow’s Department of Public Health. From this year our juice products for pregnant and breastfeeding women under the brand "FrutoNyanya" began to be delivered to all milk dispensers in Moscow. In addition, we have also expanded the product line and now we also produce milkshakes under the brand "FrutoNyanya".


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