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29 August 2018

“Strong teeth and bones easy as 1-2-3!” says the new FrutoNyanya commercial on air of the national TV channels since August 27, 2018.

The commercial was developed by the FrutoNyanya brand and the Remarco agencies to support the redesigned line of baby biocurds enriched with vitamin D3 and BB-12TM probiotics.

The FrutoNyanya biocurds is made of natural milk, which is a natural source of calcium. The redesigned line of biocurds is also enriched with vitamin D3 for better absorption of calcium. Calcium strengthens the teeth and bones. The BB-12TM probiotics added to the FrutoNyanya biocurds help maintain the digestive system health.

The redesigned line includes classic and fruit biocurd – raspberry, pear, blueberry, apple and banana – plus 2 new flavours – strawberry/blackberry/blueberry and strawberry/apple/banana.

“As a baby food manufacturer, we are constantly improving the health benefits of our products. One of the examples is our redesigned line of biocurds. Before launching the product, we analyzed many international studies to understand the effect of probiotics and vitamin D3 on the growing baby body.          I am confident that our biocurd is truly healthy,” Anna Ivanova, Marketing Director at PROGRESS, comments.

A 20-second video shows a dad playing arm wrestling with his baby son, while mom reminds him that the kid has 3 important curd ingredients supporting him – calcium, a key element strengthening baby bones and teeth; D3, a vitamin improving calcium absorption; and probiotic BB-12TM normalizing the bowels. The baby surely wins as he eats the natural FrutoNyanya biocurd.

BB-12™ and CHR. HANSEN BB-12® are owned by Chr.Hansen A/S


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