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24 November 2020

Willing to please the babies before the New Year, FrutoNyanya launches a special limited edition. The Berry Winter subline with a delicate tailored design by Anastasia Varlamova combines the festive vibes and a vitamin boost.

Winter brings wonderful memories of childhood – exciting winter games, white and fluffy snow and, of course, the special holiday feelings. The vitamin-enriched seasonal Berry Winter products will support consumers’ defenses and cheer them up with a winter-styled design!

The line includes puree and juice by FrutoNyanya. The berry flavour of blueberry, lingonberry & cranberry in puree and a mix of blueberry, raspberry & cranberry in juice are complemented with a juicy apple. This combination will not only please consumers with its unusual taste, but will also charge them for winter walks and outdoor games.

In winter, our body adapts to cold weather, so it is worth taking care of an additional source of vitamins. The seasonal Berry Winter products aimed at supporting the defenses of babies contain vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and vitamin D3.

“New Year's holidays are one of the most exciting and soulful family days. My idea was to give parents and kids a delicate winter design that would please their eyes and remind them of a fairytale that would look at them with a bit childish and playful smile from the packs of a special winter collection by FrutoNyanya,” Anastasia Varlamova, an artist, commented.


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